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Christmas Specials are here, please view special from the above tab (Order online).  As discussed previously, the website is working for the most part :)  That we have been extremely happy with the quantity of orders placed and feed back given.  There is still a large amount of work to be done but over the next few months we endeavour to create a great website.  Thank you for your particpation.

Ordering is now available by clicking the (Order Online tab) for Meals, Soup, Desserts, Specials, and Confectionery.  The Home shopping section is still being constructed for the Bakery, Jams & Sauces, Milk & Drinks. If you require any of these products, download a menu (download section) and phone order through.


About Adelaide Food Service

The staff and management would like to welcome you to Adelaide Food Service. The company has been providing home delivered meals for over 13 years and is proudly South Australian. Adelaide Food Service is designed to take the fuss and bother out of home cooking. The menu consists of soup, main courses, desserts, and is supplemented by a convenient range of home shopping products.

Mission Statement
To become a competitive Australian Company in the worlds fastest growth market - Home Shopping. To find, keep and grow the right customers by rendering excellence in product variety,

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